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International Emerging Action (IEA)

International Emerging Actions are PI-to-PI projects, the purpose of which is the exploration of new fields of research and new international partnerships. They involve mobility of scientists. They last 2 years.

This call is closed.

2021 Call for proposals

Letter of commitment template

Support Action for collaborations with Sub-Saharan Africa

The development of long-term scientific partnerships with African institutions is a priority for the CNRS by funding collaborative projects in any form. This can be individual exchanges between researchers working in a CNRS unit or an African university, the organization of a seminar or summer schools, and so on.

This call is closed.

Call for proposals

Guide for applicants

PhD Joint Programmes

CNRS launches PhD Joint Programmes with major international players in order to fund 3 years PhD grants and travels between the two selected teams in each country.

Ongoing PhD Joint Programmes

Deadline to submit : January 22, 2022
Deadline to submit : January 5, 2022

Closed PhD Joint Programmes

Deadline to submit : January 15, 2019 (first call)
Deadline to submit : April 1, 2019
Deadline to submit : April 10, 2019
Deadline to submit : April 15, 2019
University of Chicago (USA)
Deadlines to submit : April 26, 2019 (first call) January 31, 2020 (second call)
Deadline to submit: September 19, 2019
Deadline to submit : March 14, 2021
Deadline to submit : March 12, 2021
Deadline to submit: February 5th, 2021
Deadline to submit : March 31, 2021
Deadline to submit: April 22, 2021
International offices