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Support Action for collaborations with Sub-Saharan Africa

The development of long-term scientific partnerships with African institutions is a priority for the CNRS by funding collaborative projects in any form. This can be individual exchanges between researchers working in a CNRS unit or an African university, the organization of a seminar or summer schools, and so on.

Call open – Deadline March 1st 2021

Call for proposals

Guide for applicants

International Emerging Action (IEA)

International Emerging Actions are PI-to-PI projects, the purpose of which is the exploration of new fields of research and new international partnerships. They involve mobility of scientists. They last 2 years.

The 2020 call for proposals is closed.

2020 Call for proposals

PhD Joint Programmes

CNRS launches PhD Joint Programmes with major international players in order to fund 3 years PhD grants and travels between the two selected teams in each country.

Ongoing PhD Joint Programmes

Deadline to submit : April 22, 2021


Closed PhD Joint Programmes

Deadline to submit : January 15, 2019
Deadline to submit : April 1, 2019
Deadline to submit : April 10, 2019
Deadline to submit : April 15, 2019
University of Chicago (USA)
Deadlines to submit : April 26, 2019 January 31, 2020
Deadline to submit: September 19, 2019
Deadline to submit : March 14, 2021
Deadline to submit : March 12, 2021
Deadline to submit: February 5th, 2021
Deadline to submit : March 31, 2021
International offices