Launch of the International Emerging Actions (IEA) Call for Projects – 2023

Publié le 29 janvier 2024
​La campagne des IEA, destinés à l'exploration de nouveaux champs de recherche et de partenariats à l'international est ouverte jusqu'au 28 septembre 2023

1. What is an International Emerging Action?

International Emerging Actions are “PI-to-PI” projects whose aim is to explore new fields of research and new international partnerships through short-term missions, the organization of working meetings, and the initiation of new joint research work on a shared scientific project. These actions last for 2 years.

2. Who is eligible for International Emerging Actions?

International Emerging Actions are open to staff working in a CNRS research unit.

3. How to propose an International Emerging Action?

Project promoters are invited to apply to the annual call for proposals launched by the CNRS Europe and International Division (DEI) in all disciplines, and to submit their applications on the CNRS NOA platform until September.
In line with the CNRS’s scientific policy, the terms of the call may include specific thematic or geographic priorities, depending on the institute, applicable to the units of said institutes.
A letter of support from the foreign partner is expected at the time of submission, attesting to possible co-financing for the implementation of the project.

4. How are International Emerging Actions assessed?

Proposals for International Emerging Actions are peer-reviewed by the CNRS scientific institutes according to the following criteria: scientific quality of the project, interest of the international collaboration, scientific quality and complementarity of the teams, participation of young researchers, ethics and financial justification.
No prerequisites in terms of previous exchanges or publications are required.

5. How are International Emerging Actions funded?

In addition to the resources directly mobilized by the participating teams, International Emerging Actions receive specific funding from CNRS for international mobility between the laboratories involved.
international mobility between the laboratories involved, the organization of working meetings and the implementation of field missions between the partners, for a total amount of between 10,000 and 14,000 euros over the duration of the actions. Managed by the CNRS laboratory of the International Emerging Action sponsor, CNRS funding is allocated in annual instalments, based on the initial project, scientific reports and annual financial reports drawn up by the sponsor and its partners.

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