Meeting between Antoine Petit, CEO of CNRS, and Grigory Trubnikov, director of JINR

Publié le 18 novembre 2021
Le Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (JINR), organisation internationale basée à Dubna (Russie), est un partenaire historique du CNRS. The Joint Institute of Nuclear Research (JINR), an international organization based in Dubna (Russia), is a long-standing partner of the CNRS.

On November 15, during the meeting between JINR director Grigory Trubnikov and CNRS CEO Antoine Petit, a specific agreement was signed as part of the February 2018 cooperation agreement between the two institutions.

This agreement strengthens the collaboration in theoretical and mathematical physics, mathematical modeling and information technologies between JINR and the Poncelet Interdisciplinary Scientific Center (ISCP), the CNRS international research laboratory (IRL) established in partnership with Skoltech, the École supérieure of Economics, the Independent University of Moscow and the Institute of Information Transmission Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

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