Organisation of a workshop on quantum science and technology with the University of Chicago

Publié le 03 mai 2022
Le 26 avril dernier, le CNRS a organisé, avec l’Université de Chicago et sa Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering ainsi qu'avec le Chicago Quantum Exchange [1], un atelier sur les sciences et technologies quantiques. On April 26, the CNRS organized, with the University of Chicago and its Pritzker School of Molecular Engineering as well as the Chicago Quantum Exchange [1], a workshop on quantum science and technology.

This meeting, which gathered about 30 participants, allowed researchers to present the current state of their research in quantum science and technology and to discuss possible future collaborations, notably in the following thematic fields: foundations of quantum information, quantum computation and simulation, quantum communication networks, quantum metrology, as well as low-dimensional materials and systems for quantum engineering.

The event took place in the context of French and American national quantum strategies, through the Quantum Priority Research and Equipment Programme (PEPR) in France, co-piloted by the CNRS, and the National Quantum Initiative in the USA.

This workshop also contributed to the strengthening of the institutional dialogue between the CNRS and the University of Chicago. Since 2019, new tools for international cooperation have indeed allowed the development of these exchanges. For example, a call for PhD Joint Programmes has made it possible to launch 16 joint research projects in many scientific fields, thanks to the funding of PhD grants in France and the United States. In addition, 3 International Research Networks (IRN) – in economic history, biophysics and philosophy of biology and medicine – and 1 International Research Project (IRP) – on the study of complex biological systems – involving the University of Chicago are also underway, illustrating the diversity and richness of these collaborations.

The exchanges initiated during this workshop will provide input for the reflection on the creation of an International Research Center with the University of Chicago, in order to further strengthen the institutional framework of this partnership.

[1] The Chicago Quantum Exchange (CQE) is an intellectual hub for advancing the science and engineering of quantum information between the CQE community, across the Midwest, and around the globe. A catalyst for research activity across its member and partner institutions, the CQE is based at the University of Chicago and is anchored by the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory and Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Northwestern University.

Workshop participants © DERCI/CNRS

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