European and international news of the CNRS (July – September 2022)

Publié le 30 septembre 2022
Découvrez une sélection d’article sur l’activité scientifique et institutionnelle du CNRS, en Europe et à l’international. Discover a selection of articles around scientific and institutional activities of the CNRS in Europe and internationally.

Summary :

European news :

The CNRS is committed to the European strategic areas (french only)

Africa and Europe seek to co-construct balanced relations in research

Building European science diplomacy (french only)

International news :

AFRAMED: Remote measurement equipment management for research and support for doctoral training in Africa. (french only)

CNRS is accompanied by an Advisory board on Africa (french only)

Summer school dedicated for GReat Green Wall of Sahel (french only)

Basic sciences for sustainable development (french only)

UN Ocean Conference: the CNRS and the challenge of sustainable oceans








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An international workshop to strengthen scientific cooperation between Europe and Africa

Séminaire Afrique Pretoria NRF

Plus de 60 chercheurs de pays africains et européens se sont réunis à Pretoria pour échanger sur les moyens de renforcer la collaboration internationale entre les deux continents. / Over 60 researchers from African and European countries have concluded a workshop in which they discussed ways to strengthen international collaboration between the two continents.

Newsletter of CNRS offices in North America - October2022

Les bureaux du CNRS de Washington et d’Ottawa présentent la lettre d’information AdN – États-Unis, Canada et Mexique du mois de octobre 2022. // CNRS offices in Washington and Ottawa present newsletter AdN - United States, Canada and Mexico for October 2022 edition.