Franco-Brazilian cooperation: CNRS-FAPESP-USP meeting on 6, 8 and 10 December 2021

Publié le 17 décembre 2021
Le CNRS a reçu les 6 et 8 décembre les deux principaux partenaires du CNRS au Brésil en termes de recherche et financement de la coopération franco-brésilienne. On December 6 and 8, the CNRS received its two main partners in Brazil in terms of research and funding of Franco-Brazilian cooperation

The meeting involved the President of FAPESP, the research support foundation of the State of São Paulo, Marco Antonio Zago, accompanied by the Rector of the University of São Paulo, Vahan Agopyan, and the President of the International Relations Agency (AUCANI-USP), Valmor Tricoli.

 New thematic priorities of these two institutions were discussed with Alain Schuhl, Christelle Roy and representatives of institutes and concern :

– The South Ocean Atlantic International Consortium (SAOIC) project, in the field of OCEANOGRAPHY/South Atlantic+South Pole which involves USP, University of Buenos Aires-UbA and University of Cape Town.

– The creation of an International AMAZONIA Consortium (Amazônia+10), a Brazilian interdisciplinary program involving 9 Amazonian states that will support research on biodiversity, climate change, bioeconomy and sustainable development.

– The structuring of the Franco-Brazilian collaboration in Social sciences and Humanities

 FAPESP, which seeks to fund innovative and ambitious research that will address the challenges of climate change and biodiversity loss, seems to have the will to involve French research organizations present in Brazil (CNRS, IRD, CIRAD), which could become key collaborators in both programs.

A third aspect of the visit targeted the Franco-Brazilian structuring in Social sciences and Humanities.

On December 10, the CNRS office in Rio organized, at the FAPESP, with the Consulate General, a day of work on CNRS/Sao Paulo State cooperation with the University of Lyon. The meetings of the beginning of the week could feed the discussions at the end of the week in Brazil.

From left to right:  M. Vahan Agopyan (Rector, University of São Paulo), Ms.  Christelle Roy (Director of International Relations, CNRS) , M. Alain Schuhl (Chief Scientific Officer, CNRS) et M. Valmor Tricoli (Provost for International Cooperation (AUCANI-USP)  © Jean Thèves / CNRS

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