Signing ceremony for the renewal of the IRL “CNRS-Pauli Institute” in Vienna

Publié le 31 janvier 2022
Antoine Petit, PDG du CNRS, a signé l’accord de renouvellement de l’Institut CNRS-Pauli, lors d’une cérémonie organisée à l’Ambassade de France à Vienne, le 28 janvier 2022. Antoine Petit, CEO of the CNRS, signed the renewal agreement of the CNRS-Pauli Institute, during a ceremony organized at the French Embassy in Vienna, on January 28, 2022.

The CNRS-Pauli Institute is an IRL (International Research Laboratory) created in 2004 in partnership with the Wolfgang Pauli Institute, an independent research training institute and interdisciplinary center of excellence, based in Vienna.

This international joint laboratory encompasses several research fields: mathematics and their interactions with other sciences, particularly physics and computer science, but also biology and medicine . Its purpose is to consolidate and diversify exchanges between the French and Austrian scientific communities, both in terms of themes and teams. Finally, it  draws on fruitful interactions with Viennese universities.

Signature of the IRL ICP between Antoine PETIT, CNRS CEO (on the right) and Georg GOTTLOB, president of the Wolfgang Pauli Institute (on the left) © Jean-Stéphane Dhersin, CNRS

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