CNRS Office in Tokyo’s bulletin – edition n°13

Publié le 12 décembre 2022
Découvrez les dernières activités du CNRS et les actualités scientifiques en Asie du Nord-Est//The CNRS Tokyo Office regularly publishes a French-language news bulletin on the CNRS activities and scientific news in North-East Asia (Japan, Taiwan, South Korea).

In the December 2022 issue, you will find:

– An article about CNRS CEO and Chairman Antoine Petit’s visit to North-East Asia in October, including his visit to STS forum in Kyoto, the inauguration of a new International Research Center between CNRS and The University of Tokyo, and his first trip to Taiwan

– A special segment on CNRS structured cooperation in Japan in the field of biology, including an account of Director of the CNRS Biological sciences Department André Le Bivic to Kyoto, Tokyo, and Okinawa

– Articles about CNRS structured cooperation in North-East-Asia: Jacques Maddaluno’s (Chemistry Department) and Marie Gaille’s (Humanities and Social Sciences) trips to the region, the third edition of the France-Germany-Japan symposium on artificial intelligence … and as always, an update on the Covid-19 pandemic in North-East Asia, in particular on the reopening of the borders of the three countries.

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