CNRS – FAPESP call for proposals (Deadline : 30th January 2023)

Publié le 26 octobre 2022
L'objectif de cet appel est de promouvoir des coopérations entre des unités affiliées au CNRS et des équipes de recherche travaillant dans l’Etat de São Paulo. This call aims to promote cooperations between  CNRS researchers and researchers working in the State of São Paulo.

Eligibility from CNRS side

– Eligibility to submit proposals : Principal and Co-Principal Investigators involved in the project

– Eligibility for exchange activities : CNRS researchers, academics and researchers from other organizations working in a CNRS research unit & the participation of PhD students and post-docs is an important criteria on in the evaluation of the project.

This Call for Proposals invites research proposals in all fields of knowledge

Duration : 24 months

Calendar :

– Call announcement by FAPESP and CNRS : 31st October 2022

– Closing date for submission of proposals : 30th January 2023

– Successful proposals notified after : 28th April 2023

More informations about this call, download the brochure here

Expression analysis of immunity genes in macrophages using the RNA-FISH technique © David VILLA / ScienceImage, CBI / INFINITy / CNRS Photothèque


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