Southern Africa : Some news on the “IKR Botswana” project

Publié le 10 janvier 2022
Dans le cadre de l’Appel à projet « Dispositifs de soutien aux collaborations avec l’Afrique sub-saharienne » le CNRS soutient le projet Hominins in Botswana – Interdisciplinary Karst Research Program. In the framework of the call for projects "Support mechanisms for collaboration with sub-Saharan Africa", the CNRS is supporting the Hominins in Botswana - Interdisciplinary Karst Research Program project.

Since 2020, despite the global pandemic, a palaeontological and archaeological research project has been a real success in Botswana, led by Laurent Bruxelles of the TRACES laboratory (Travaux et recherches archéologiques sur les cultures, les espaces et les sociétés), in collaboration with researchers from the Botswana National Museum.

The aim is to discover, in the fossiliferous karstic sites of the eastern part of the Aha Hills (Botswana), the remains of ancient hominins that could document the appearance of the Homo genus, outside the East and South African “cradles of Humanity”.

The funding received has supported the mobility of 15 Botswanan scientists, researchers and curators in paleontology, geology and archaeology from all over the country. Courses and discussions alternated with field seminars and the launch of a joint excavation, during two weeks of fully autonomous fieldwork.

This operation was followed by the Botswana and French press and the collaboration will be presented in January 2022 on the TF1 TV news and later in a 90-minute documentary on the Arte channel.

Picture 1 :  Gcwihaba caves Photo 2 :  Excavation of a fossil site in Koanaka Hills © Laurent Bruxelles

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